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KNDA consists of the office of the Chancellor, the office of Planning and Assessment, the office of Education and Training, and Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security(IFANS).

The Chancellor

The Chancellor, with the rank of Vice Minister, heads KNDA and supervises research and educational activities as well as administrative affairs under the direction of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Dean of Planning and Assessment

The Dean of Planning and Assessment is responsible for planning a mid- to long-term development strategy and managing the administrative operations of the institute. These activities are carried out by three divisions.

The planning and Cooperation Division establishes and evaluates the operational plans of the Academy. It is also responsible for cooperation with major training and academic institutions both at korea and abroad.

The Administration Division renders administrative services for the staff of the Institute.

The Diplomatic Competency Assessment Division is responsible for not only diplomatic competency assessment and education, but research and development for the relevant contents.

The Dean of Education and Training

The Dean of Education and Training is resposible for planning, oranizing and implementing education and training activities of the KNDA. These training activities are carried out by three divisions. The Education Management division plans and organizes education programs for new recruits of the MOFA. Its two main tasks are training foreign service officer candidates and newly-recruited consular officers.

The Career Training Division is in charge of planning and implementing various job training programs based on career development levels and leadership training programs for members of MOFA. It also provides courses aimed at expanding the global capabilities of the Korean government for those working in governmental and public sectors. In addition, it makes efforts to deepen foreign diplomats’ understanding of Korea by providing various programs.

The Language Training Division is responsible for foreign language training programs and conducts regular foreign language competence tests. it also plans and all overseas training programs.

The President of IFANS

The President of IFANS is responsible for planning and conducting the research activities of the Institute. These activities are carried out by the following five research departments & five research centers: Department for National Security and Unification Studies, Department for Asian and Pacific Studies, Department for American Studies, Department for European and African Studies, Department for International Economy and Trade Studies & Center for Chinese Studies, Center for Japanese Studies, Center for ASEAN and India Studies, Center for Diplomatic History Studeis, Center for International Law.

The composition of the research body helps to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical perspectives. Joint research groups of professors and career diplomats are frequently organized to reconcile theory with practice. The Research Administration Division provides both logistic and adminstrative assistance to the Head of IFANS in planning and managing research activities. This division supervises the entire publication process and all international and domestic conferences and seminars organized by IFANS.

The library houses a collection of documents including the official reports of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), publications, periodicals, online data base, foreign newspapers, dissertations, and the official reports of international organizations including the UN and OECD.

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