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The main function of this library is to serve the staffs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA), professors and trainees of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy(KNDA) in need of information related with foreign affairs.In particular, the library provides various information necessary for mid- and long-term foreign policies of the MOFA, offers substantial information andeducational materials to researchers and trainees of the KNDA.

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  • 정기간행물 열람실 사진


The library has a large collection on foreign relations, international economics, security and military matters. At present it has more than 65,000 volumes of books, over 400 periodicals, 4,000 official papers and documents of the MOFA as well as academic publications of KNDA. DVDs and music CDs are also collected with audio-visual facilities and electronic publications such as EIU Country Report, ProQuest, DBPIA with among others are also provided. Besides the main reading room, the library has specialized collections such as MOFA Collection, OECD·UN and Research Centers Collection, North Korea Collection, which are housed in seperated rooms.

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All books and periodical titles are put into the MOFA's computer system and contents of 250 periodicals are indexed immediately upon arrival. Main catalogues and contents of periodicals can be searched through MOFA Information Retrieval System (

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Direct lending service for the general public is not allowed. However, if he/she wishes Direct lending service for the general public is not allowed. However, if he/she wishes to use the library materials, photo copy service is available (A4⇒40 won, B4⇒40 won) Due to the copyright regulation, only one third of the single article or single book is allowed for photo-copying.

Opening hours

The library opens at 09:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 18:00 from Monday to Friday.


The library is on the third floor in the KNDA building located southern part of Seoul, next to the Seocho-gu Office. Subway line No.3 to Suseo takes the visitors to KNDA, who should get off the train at Yangjae Station and Exit 12 leads to the Institute.
Address : Nambusunhwanno 2572, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-863, Korea Telephone No : 82-2-3497-7661~4
Fax No : 82-2-3497-7713

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