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EADP Overview

EADP Overview

  • KNDA is firmly committed to the principal mission of providing expert knowledge and a deeper understanding of East Asia and its diplomatic environment.
    The East Asian Diplomacy Program addresses not only issues related to the Korean peninsula but also the diplomatic issues of the broader East Asian region,
    which is emerging as the center stage of global geopolitics and geo-economics.

Program Outline

Main Theme

  • Peace and Cooperation in East Asia


  • Korea Diplomacy Center, 8th Floor(EADP)


  • 20-30 diplomats and public officials in charge of international affairs

Curriculum Highlights

  • Lectures and Seminars on five thematic modules
  • Reports and presentations on ‘Future of East Asia’
  • Domestic & Overseas Field trips and Extra-curricular activities

*Overview of 10-weeks Curriculum(tentative)

10-weeks Curriculum
Module Course Title
Common ■ Korean Language
■ Understanding Korea: History, Culture & Society
Korean Diplomacy ■ Dynamics of Korean Democracy
■ Korean Economic Development
■ Korean Foreign Policy
■ Korean Diplomatic History
■ Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula
■ Politics in DPRK
■ DPRK Economy
■ Foreign Policy of DPRK
■ History of North-South Korean Relations
Peace & Security in East Asia ■ East Asian Geopolitics
■ History of East Asian International Politics
■ U.S.-China Relations in East Asia
■ Political Systems in East Asia
■ Political Culture and Identity in East Asia
■ Conflict in East Asia
■ Comparative Public Diplomacy
Common Prosperity in
East Asia
■ Trade and Industrial Cooperation in East Asia
■ Economic Integration in East Asia
■ Economic Development in East Asia
■ Economic Crises and Financial Cooperation
■ Regional Governance in East Asia
■ 4thIndustrial Revolution in East Asia
Global Issues in East Asia ■ Environmental Cooperation in East Asia
■ Energy Security and Energy Transition
■ Key Issues of Sustainable Development in East Asia
■ Human Rights in East Asia
■ Changing Multilateral Trade Order and Regional Initiatives
■ Disaster Management
■ Maritime Security
■ UN Diplomacy of East Asia
■ Digital Diplomacy in East Asia
■ Cyber Security in East Asia

Program Objectives

East Asian Diplomacy Program
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