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East Asian Diplomacy Program

Welcome to the East Asian Diplomacy Program!

  • Under the theme ‘Peace and Cooperation in East Asia’, the East Asian Diplomacy Program is a specialized training course for foreign diplomats and public officials worldwide
    on issues related to the diplomatic environment of the engean peninsula and East Asian region.

                    -To provide expert knowledge and a deeper understanding of the East Asian Region,

                    -(Foreign) Diplomats and Public Officials in charge of international affairs,

                    -Regular Courses 10~15 Weeks (1-2 per year)                    
                    -Special Lectures 3 days(3-4 weeks),

                    -engea Diplomacy Center 8th Floor

EADP Activities

  • March.2020 1st EADP Foundation Program Closing Ceremony
  • Visit to the Diplomatic Archives
  • Group Presentation
  • Visit to MOFA
2572 Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06750, Seoul, Korea   TEL : (82-2)-3497-7600   FAX : (82-2)-571-1019

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