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Chancellor, Korea National Diplomatic Academy

Hong, Hyun-Ik

Greetings from KNDA Chancellor Hong Hyun-Ik Welcome to the official website of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy(KNDA) Over the last five decades, the Korea National Diplomatic Academy has formed the backbone of Korean diplomacy by building an unmatched talent base and generating practical mid to long-term foreign policy ideas through rigorous, evidence-based research. In a time of unprecedented challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic and emerging multifaceted diplomatic issues, the Korean government is working to bring permanent peace to the Korean Peninsula and advance various national interests with evolving foreign policy deliberations while meeting the international community’s rising expectations, as shown by Korea’s G20 membership and participation in the G7 summit for two consecutive years. To navigate through all the daunting challenges of our time, the Korea National Diplomatic Academy will continuously endeavor to be a bulwark of Korean diplomacy as the country’s top think tank in the foreign and national security policymaking sphere by nurturing the underlying sources of Korean diplomacy’s strength through rigorous training and selection processes and results-oriented research. The Korea National Diplomatic Academy will also strive to help the Korean people broaden their perspectives on various diplomatic issues by providing learner-friendly public outreach programs. Please stay with us throughout our journey to help foster diplomatic capabilities that will determine Korea’s national security advantage with your unwavering support in the coming years.
Thank you.

KNDA Chancellor
Hong Hyun-Ik
2572 Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06750, Seoul, Korea   TEL : (82-2)-3497-7600   FAX : (82-2)-571-1019

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