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Chancellor, Korea National Diplomatic Academy

Kim, Joon Hyung

Greetings from Chancellor KIM Joon Hyung Welcome to the official website of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy(KNDA) From its origins as the Educational Institute of Foreign Service Officers (EIFSO) which was established in 1963, the Korea National Diplomatic Academy(KNDA) has grown to be an institute dedicated to training diplomats and conducting research on Korea’s foreign policy, and is now forming the backbone of the Korean government’s efforts to enhance the country’s diplomatic capacity. South Korean diplomacy currently faces a challenge of bringing permanent peace to the Korean peninsula against the backdrop of an increasingly complex global political landscape. The KNDA will vigorously support all efforts and initiatives aimed at achieving the grand vision of a peaceful Korean peninsula. First of all, the KNDA will strive to train talented, well-rounded diplomats strongly committed to serving the public, and help them cultivate skills to respond and adapt proactively and flexibly to a fast-changing diplomatic landscape. Also, as Korea’s top foreign policy and security think-tank conducting research on and analysis of the Korean government’s mid to long-term foreign policy and diplomatic strategy, the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS) promises to work harder with greater dedication to support the government’s diplomatic efforts.
Lastly, with various programs designed to share diplomatic know-how and better communicate with the public, the KNDA will make utmost efforts to collect diplomatic insights of individual Koreans to maximize the country’s diplomatic capacity.
We look forward to your continued interest and unwavering support. Thank you.

KNDA Chancellor
Kim, Joon Hyung
2572 Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 06750, Seoul, Korea   TEL : (82-2)-3497-7600   FAX : (82-2)-571-1019

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